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The front page was getting loaded down with news and updates. So I decided to move all of the news from there to here.

8/5/01 - I'm back, again. Well, I've been real busy. I have great news for everyone. All the code pages have been updated and are now fully working. Bad News, though. School starts this week for me (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH) and Band Camp Starts tomorrow. It lasts from 1:30 PM to 9 PM! I may not be able to get all the new codes that will be made, hopefully, this up coming week. If anything comes up in Pokemon Sharking, email me and I will get back to you on Saturday, hopefully.

8/4/01 - I'm back. I stayed up last night and typed up all of the Crystal Codes I had. They will be up shortly. I hope this helps someone out. I will also probably be adding more to them later today. Keep looking for new codes.

8/3/01 - Hi, everyone. Pokemon Crystal has officially come out, finally!!! I have a new page started that has some of the new codes for the game. I have others, but it would take me awhile to type them up. Have fun with these for now, and maybe tomorrow, I'll have most of the rest up.

7/18/01 - Alright, so I'm a little behind schedule. Anyway, since Bigsupes has released his final page (WWHHHHAAAAAA!!!!) the Gold and Silver Section Might not be updated for a long while. So I have updated it. Hopefully, he will start hacking Crystal as soon as it comes out state side (12 more days!!!) As soon as he does, I should have a Crystal List up and going in no time. Hope these lists have helped everyone out.

7/6/02 - Alright. I finally finished the RBY Code List. It now has codes to modify everything about your Boxed Pokemon.

It also has a box mod. Hope ya like. I also updated the GS List again. Boy, if they keep this pace up, I'll never be through. BTW, I am going on Vacation this next week, leaving this Sunday Morning and won't be back until Saturday after tomorrow. If you have any problems or ideas while I'm gone, just email me. I'll check it when I get back.

7/5/01 - Alright, don't have that Red, Blue, and Yellow update ready yet. I have a lot more to check about the codes I have, but be assured it will probably be worth the wait. In the mean time, I have a few new codes to give you for Gold and Silver. They were made by "great shaman MUMBO" on the Official Gameshark Board. Hope ya like 'em.

7/3/01 - Uh, I overslept just a little bit. Anyway, sorry for not updating sooner. No new RBY Codes quite yet, sorry. I do have some new GS Codes, though. And I am making the Code Lists more printer friendly by adding a link to their text forms. Again, sorry for being gone for awhile.

6/13/01 - Couple of things. First, I moved all the old news onto the Old News page. I added a header to both archives for a more user friendly interface. Lastly, I added a huge amount of GS codes. If what I'm thinking about is right, I might have a Red, Blue, and Yellow update ready by tomorrow night.

6/11/01 - Decided that some people might not like sharking and yet like researching Pokemon, so I split the site. The other page has the Team Strategy page on it, as well as the Pokemon Programs page. A link will be provided in the Links Page for those who want to visit it. I am also working on title page that greets people when they first come. It will give the option to choose which page they want to go to. Hope it works. Also added new codes on the Pokemon Gold and Silver page. Not many new codes have been made for Red, Blue, and Yellow. Email me with any ideas and I will try to hack them myself.

6/10/01 - Got some programs I am putting up here for the members of Azure Heights. Hey guys. These are made in C++, and are accessed through DOS, of you can just click on them and a window will appear. They should stay up after you finish. If they don't, email me and I will find out the problem.

6/2/01 - Sorry for the wait. Have a lot of new codes going up. I would also like to give a shout out to the members of's UBB. Ya'll are the coolest when it comes to making new codes. HEY!

5/27/01 - Fixed sections of the Team Strat Page. Now it should be more Blitzing friendly. Thinking back to my old days. It was a very effective technique, as long as I was smart enough to switch when needed. Thanks Cat-Gonk for the info.

5/25/01 - I have added my Team Strategy Guide. I hope everyone like it. Email me with ideas or corrections.

5/23/01 - Yeah! School is over!!! Should be seeing a lot more updates now. Also added two new Gold & Silver codes (thanks to bigsupes for the codes. You RULE!!!!) Also have collected some Pokemon Strategy and as soon as I compile it and make it semi-coherent for everyone, I will post it.

5/21/01 - Added the rest of the Gold and Silver codes!!!

Also added the Red, Blue, and Yellow codes!!

Planning on having a team strategy section here, as well as other informative sections.

5/20/01 - Added some Gold and Silver codes. More to come.

5/19/01 - Start of page. Not much here, but I am working on it.