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The front page was getting loaded down with news and updates. So I decided to move all of the news from there to here.

01/01/02 - Well, there have been quite a few updates. I fixed a problem people were having with the Time Reset Password Tool. It now functions properly. I changed the option buttons on the opening form. It now has list boxes on it instead of the radio buttons. I will update the pictures as soon as I have time, but that may be a while. My computer is going in the shop to get fixed, so updates with newer functions may take a long time. Until then, I have added a list box for Triple Kick power variations. I also updated the Present Damage function in the main form. I also changed the Stat Calculator. It now correctly says "Reflect" instead of "Barrier". I also fixed a spelling mistake that was pointed out to me on the main form. It now correctly says "Current HP". I also updated the Lite forms to accurately mirror the full version. Finally, I added the Pokemon's Name and Attack Name to the window that display's the damage. It now reminds you what Pokemon your using, what attack it is using, and what Pokemon is being attacked. It has been a busy few days. Once my computer comes back, I should have some more updates for you.

On a final note, I have made the Stat Calculator a separate program. It is now minimizable, as well as downloadable. I also moved all of the required files to a separate zip file, to save space for the programs. This not only reduces my site size, but the download size and time as well. All files should download quickly. I hope I get my computer back fast to continue making these programs.

12/27/01 - I hope that all of you who downloaded the files yesterday liked them. I have a small update for today. Now, both programs can be minimized and moved around freely on the screen. Email me with any suggestions or questions about the programs.

12/26/01 - Well, yesterday, I added the PokeCalc Full and Lite versions and I think they turned out well. Today, I am adding the read me files for each version, so you can know how they actually work. Sometime in the future I will add the separate versions for all the tools, just incase you would like to have only a choice few, and not all of them. Also, I am adding the files sizes so you can know how much room to leave.

12/22/01 - Wow, has it really been that long? I can't believe that I have ignored this part of my site for so long. I hope everyone remembers me. Well, I have some major updates for this site. I finished a Research page that I made specifically for this site. It has as much info as most other Pokemon sites as a whole have. A note about the new page: IT IS BIG! When I first made it, it was over 7 Megabytes, but somehow, I resaved the file and it shrunk to a little over 1 mgb. Anyhow, it still takes awhile to load with most dial up connections. Just click on the link, go get a snack and come back to it about a minute later. It should be up.

The next bit of big news has something to do with the picture at the top of the page. The Picture up top leads to a pic of a program I am currently designing. It will be a damage calculator/stat comparison program, with additional tools that I will update from time to time. The program should come out sometime after Christmas, as I am getting Visual Basic 6 Pro for Christmas (yeah!!!). The main thing that will cause both the new page and the program to be updated will be any new research found in the general Pokemon programming or other related research. Any new info about the Program should come up in the Programs section (naw, really?!).

6/12/01 - After rereading my Team Strategy Page, I found where a friend had asked me to copy and paste some stuff he said and it contained a few foul words. I apologize for this and have corrected the error. Thank you, Meowth346, for showing me this error.

6/11/01 - File move complete. That should be everything off of my Gameshark site. A link there is in the Links Page up top. Hope this site does as well as the other page.

6/10/01 - Opening of site. Will move files from gameshark site to this one ASAP.