Note: Use all of these codes at your own risk. I, nor Nintendo, will take responsibility for games hurt by any of these codes (although none of the codes I have used have caused glitches or erased my game, so just be careful). My advice, play through the game one time without sharking, and try your hardest to beat everything possible. Next, back up that game with a Mega Memory Card. They don't cost a lot, but can be a game-life saver. Always back up before using a lot of codes or a new code on your GameBoy. Then, if you still want to, use the Shark. Just remember: Try not to use it to cheat your friends when battling. It isn't fair for you to just make a super team up real quick to beat someone else's team that they have been working on hard for a long time. Also, try not to use the Gameshark as a method of obtaining illegal moves, Pokemon, etc... If you try to battle anyone who knows a little about the game, or about sites like this one, they will call you on it in a second. I have a lot of other guidelines for beginner Gameshark users, but it would take to much room to show all of it. Just go to Azure Heights Forum and look for a post called "Things you Wish Newbies would Remember..." or a similar post.

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow Codes

This is the listing of all of my Chromatic Codes that I have found over time. They are listed as found, though, so navigating can be an adventure in itself. Use the lower link for a better way to search for codes.

Pokemon, Red, Blue, and Yellow Alphabet Sort Codes

This is the same listing as above, just put into alphabetical order for the most part. Use this if you have trouble finding codes. If you try to find a code and just can't seem to find it, email me, and I just may either be able to find it or be able to hack it myself. I am not the best hacker in the world, but I don't give up to easily, so I won't stop working on it until all hope seems lost.

Pokemon Gold and Silver Codes

This is a listing of my early Metalloid Codes, as they differ from Crystal codes. This is my biggest archive of codes to date. Navigation through all of the Codes here is very difficult, so, unless you know the exact location of a set of codes you want or have a lot of time, you might want to look at the link below.

Pokemon Gold and Silver Alphabet Sort Codes

Again, this is the same list as above, just reorganized into alphabetical order. I would use this for searching for codes, and the other document just for looking through and seeing what their is to see.

Pokemon Crystal Codes

These are all my codes for the latest release of Pokemon on the market. It is no where near as extensive as my Gold and Silver lists, as they have been out longer and Crystal has some sort of hacking block installed. Codes still work, though, you just might have to switch the Gameshark off then on to get the Game to work. As usual, remember to be careful when using codes. Don't try to make your game just like the TV show, just make it the way you want it (unless that is also like the TV show, then I would suggest not using the Gameshark, but trying to train a Pokemon team up by yourself).

Pokemon Crystal Alphabet Sort Codes

For the final time, same as the list above, just differently ordered. Use for searching for a code.

Old News

As the name implies, this is all the Old News of the site. This also shows you how often updates can be, but might not be, as new codes are slow in coming here lately. I have had people actually send me codes that they made just so I could update the sight. Such emails are treasures, and I thank you.