Pokemon Trainer's Guide

This is my source for almost all info on Pokemon. I have collected most of this research from the Internet, from sites like Pokemon Forever, Azure Heights, and the likes. Since the majority of the info found on the site is not my own, I do not even attempt to say it is. All I am doing on this site is basically putting it up in another form. That way, if Geocities won't let you see Meowth's site, you can find most of it here (of course, Meowth also has a mirror site of his info on his College's servers, but I guess I just want to do this).


This is the main page of my research site. All it does is basically give you the basics of the contents, and the Credits, which outline everyone whose info is listed on my site.

Stat Mech

This site is all of the info, formulas, and explanations of all things Stat-wise that I have found. It includes such sections as Base Stats, IVs, Breeding, and other such info. If you need something on Stats, it probably is here. If not, don't be afraid to email me the question, and I will try to find you an answer or lead you to someone who can answer your question.

Battle Mech

This page is a collection of info about items relating to Battle. It includes the Battle Damage Formula (as shown by Meowth346), info on Skills, Status-Ailments, and the like. If you want a quick way to use the BDF, I have made a program that emulates the BDF formula as best as I can get VB6 to do it. I think it works fine. It, and other helpful programs, are all listed in the Programs page.

Misc Info

This page... well, it basically holds all of the info that I have left, that doesn't fit anywhere else in the previous pages. Info on Unowns, Time Changing Password, and other helpful tidbits, are all listed here.

Team Strategy

This is the page that lists my beginning guide to building and using advance Pokemon Teams. It is no where near complete, and I doubt it ever will be complete, as new strategies are being developed everyday, and older ones become obsolete. I will try to keep up with some of the main forms of team members, but no one person could ever keep up with this meta-game.


This is my page showing all of my programs that I have made. The main program I advocate here is my damage calculator, called PokeCalc, and all other related Programs. This page will probably be the most updated, and the most viewed page of all of my site. That suites me, though. All of my programs are free, as long as Tripod doesn't try to charge me for storing them. They probably will always be free, so don't worry about that. Since I did use Visual Basic 6 to make them, you will need the VB Runtime files, but I have them on here as well. All programs come in WinZip form, or some similar Zip program form, so you will need it to open the files with the programs. Most programs come with a read-me file that explains there operation needs. If it doesn't help, email me using the address in the Contact Page, or IM me at any of my possible contact names.

Old News

This is basically the history of my site. In it, all the Old News info that I have posted up at one time or another is listed, so if you think that the site might have changed since the last time you saw it, come here to see how it changed.