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By: Matthew Robinson


  Stat Mechanics
  Battle Mechanics
  Miscellaneous Info

  Welcome to my first attempt to make a Trainer’s Guide for the Pokemon game series. I hope someone finds a use for this information. It took me a long time to compile all the necessary info for this text, but I believe it was worth it. You may use any of the information on this page on other sites, but please email me first so I may tell you who should get credit for what. I will give a Credits section at the end of this document to help you know, but if one section is not listed, please email me. The people who researched all of this info took out a lot of their personal time to find all of this information out, and they deserve to be accredited for their work. If in doubt of what to do and you can’t contact me, just give credit to this page, and the credits here will point the way to the correct person.


Note: These are not the sites that I copied, for I tried not to copy. These are the sites that gave me inspiration when making this guide, or otherwise educated me to all things Pokemon. Sometimes the explanations on the sites found on are so informative, they can’t be explained any better than they are. I may have borrowed a few lines here or there, and I apologize if this offends anyone.

Azure Heights Main Site – Attributes, Base Stats, DV’s, Experience Points, The Box Trick, Technique Selection, Type vs. Type Effectiveness, Physical Attacks vs. Special Attacks, Pokemon Statistics, The Big Picture, Technique Power, Damage Calculation Formula, 1-Hit K.O. Techniques, Attribute-Affecting Techniques, Calculated Techniques, Multi-Turn Techniques, Multi-Hit Techniques, Status-Affecting Techniques

Azure Heights Message Board Members – Stat Experience, PokeRUS, and other various Data findings

Meowth346 & Pokemon Forever – Breeding, Pokemon Happiness, DV’s, Stat Experience, Stat Enhancers, PokeRUS, Order of Attacks, Technique Power, Critical Hits, Damage Calculation Formula [the bulk of it], Technique Accuracy, Attribute-Affecting Techniques, Catching Pokemon, Experience & Money Received, Wild Pokemon & Items Attached, Item Effects, Unown, Bug Catching Contest, Phone Numbers, Odd Egg

PokeDaily – Status Ailments, Special Techniques, Item Effects

Spunman – Status Ailments, Battle Damage Formula, Critical Hit

Marcus Majara – Topic Outline & Selection, Attributes, Base Stats, DV’s, Wild Stat Formula, Wild HP Formula, Real/Apparent Stats, Experience Points, Traded Pokemon & Exp. Points, Stat Experience, Stat Enhancers, Stat Experience Formula, The Box Trick, Domestic Max Stat Formula, Domestic Max HP Formula, Max Stats, Type vs. Type Effectiveness, Traded Pokemon in Battle, Status Ailments, Technique PP, PP Ups

Necrosaro – Stat Experience Formula, Stat Experience

Poccil – Base Stat Chart, Order of Attacks, 1-Hit K.O. Techniques, Calculated Techniques, Multi-Turn Techniques, Multi-Hit Techniques, Special Techniques, Experience & Money Received, Resetting the Time

Me – Wild Stat DV Formula, Wild HP DV Formula, Domestic Max DV Formula, Domestic Max HP DV Formula, Switching


Last revised: 5-27-02