General Updates

07/22/02 - Well, this isn't much of an update, but it still is an update. I made it where all the pages now will instantly fit to any size browser width. This should make the text more user friendly for every person who views this page.

04/17/02 - I have good news. I got a mirror site for this one. Now, don't get too happy: it is with Geocities. This won't fix the problems with too many people, but at least half can go to one site, while the other half can go to the other. Use this link to get to the mirror site.

04/11/02 - Well, one big obvious one, I have completely redesigned the site. Now, instead of being a Tripod-knock-off, it is more original, and a lot less yellow. I hope that this look will be easier not only to update, but to view on different browsers as well. Note: It didn't go up till 04/17/02, but the update started on the llth.

Research Updates

07/22/02 - Well, I finally did it. I finally added all of the in-page links for the Pokemon Trainer's Guide. This should make finding the section you need even faster. I also made some updates to the Programs. That's right, all of them have been updated, either in major or minor ways. Look under each programs picture for a listing of the new features or fixes.

Oh, yeah, I did try to make an update about two months ago, but I forgot to upload it. The separate update notes are listed in the programs page.

04/19/02 - Good News, the new format should be up and fully functional by now. I went through and tried to fix and find all typos and word messups. I forgot to mention the other day the fact that I finished and uploaded the DVCalc program. It should help every one find that Max Stat Pokemon they need. For Pokemon under Level 50, the DVCalc shows you the range of IVs that the Stat could possibly be. If your worried about formulas and rounding errors, don't. All I did was use a loop and have the program calculate all the possible Stats for DVs of 0 ~ 15. Which ever one (or more) matches the Stat you input, that Number shows up on the form. I also made it where you could either just hit Wild or Fully Trained buttons, or go complex and enter actual Stat Experience. This way, it truly is user friendly. It defaults to Simple mode, so make sure to change it when it starts when you need to use the Complex feature. I might add this feature to my other Programs, for more ease of use.

04/17/02 - I have a small update for this month. I have taken the Pokemon Trainer's Guide and split it up. It now has 4 separate pages to it, and each one has had the huge lists removed and placed into text documents. This should make the page loads a lot faster. Besides that, and the obvious fact that the Guide now looks like the site, I am in the process of updating the attacks with special effects in the Battle Mechanics page. As of now, there is no other way to reach the middle of the text besides scrolling (i.e. no inpage links). I am also updating that. Give me some time on these, as we have a big History exam coming up soon, one that the state has "decreed" that everyone must pass in order to graduate, whether or not you pass the U.S History class itself. Sometimes Mississippi's government leaders can be real crazy.

03/02/02 - Well, I got my computer back, and it is working fine. The main reason for the lack of updates is, and I quote myself, "I was being lazy." I really have no other excuse. In the time off, however, I was able to think of a good idea for an update: the main form of PokeCalc is now no longer restricted to 800 x 600 size screens. It can now fit nicely in any screen size. The price: no more Stat Comparison and the Main form. I am planning on making a smaller program to mimic this, but with a few upgrades. Mainly, I am in the process of developing a new DV calculation algorithm that will show all the possible DVs, and it will either be with all Max Stats and Min Stats, both Wild and Trained, or let the user have a direct interface with Stats, Pokemon, and either Effort Value of Effort Points, I am unsure which to use. The new downloads will show these new developments, except for the DV/Stat Compare program, as it has yet to be developed or designed. Hope to see all of you later on down the road.

I also moved all the Old News to a new page. This should speed up the page loading a lot.

Gameshark Updates

04/19/02 - Has it really been THAT LONG?!!! Any way, as you can see, I have totally redesigned both the Research and GameShark sites. With this, I finally updated all the lists with new codes provided by Hacker82, who emailed the codes to me so that I would have something to update. I wouldn't mind it at all if that is how all the codes I got came to me. Just please don't try to send me other peoples codes and call them your own codes. I don't want to go through all of those problems. And, as for the GS Alph and C Alph lists, they may be slow in coming. School is getting rough near the end, so I may be slow on updating codes that do get sent to me. Anyway, have fun with Hacker82's new codes.

12/17/01 - Well, I actually get to make an update for once. I may have only updated the GS list a little, but it is still an update. An idea has struck me as of lately. I was noticing that even I was having difficulties in finding codes in my own code lists. Well, if I get either enough requests for it or complaints about the current method, I may make a computer program to find and hold all the codes for you. I should be able to put it out sometime after Christmas, as one of my presents should be Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Pro. For those of you who don't like Visual Basic, give me awhile, and I will learn and use Java to make an online version. All of your support has been a great inspiration to me. I thank all of you and wish you all a happy holiday.

12/4/01 - Well, I guess it's time for my monthly update. I updated only the Gold and Silver section this time, as they were the only games for which any new codes were made. If anyone is looking for codes to hack on Crystal, just look through the Gold and Silver list and try to hack the equivalent codes for Crystal. That should be plenty to do for a long time. Also, here is a new version of the RBY code list. It doesn't have any new codes, but it is alphabetized to the best of my abilities. Tell me what you think of it. If I get enough positive answers back, I may start on the GS list, too. Well, till next time. ^_^

11/5/01 - Hello, again. Well, I am finally learning how to manage both school and the site, so expect more regular updates from now on. I updated both the GS and C lists with contributions from Hacker82. Keep 'em comin' as fast as you can.

10/27/01 - Hi, hi. Finally, I get to update my site. All of you hackers are putting out codes so fast, it's to the point where I can barely keep up. About the time I finish updating my file, you crank out about 14 new codes. I'm not saying that that is a bad thing, but it is hard to keep up. Well, I'll manage, so keep 'em coming as fast as all of you can. Also, I am currently typing up a research document. It lists out a lot of info about the internal workings of the game. Also, it lists out all moves a Pokemon can learn. It can help any sharker make legal movesets instead of just putting overkill moves on all Pokemon.

10/3/01 - Hello, people. I’m back again, updating yet again the Crystal Code List. On a side note, I have changed a little of my formatting here on the site and in the lists. The lists have been changed so that those people without wordwrap can easily see the whole message of a code without having to scroll over to the side. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I changed the font on this page. Hope this doesn’t cause any problems with other people and their computers. As always, email me with any questions or problems. Also, I am considering taking hacking requests. Any input on whether or not I should would be greatly appreciated.

9/23/01 - Again, sorry for the update. It took me forever to get my math teacher to back off long enough for me to update the site. Anyway, both the Crystal and Gold/Silver sections of my site have been updated. Many codes came from Pittstonjoma, HyperHacker, Hacker82, and Dark_Nova. Thanks to all who contributed to the code lists. You have been a major help in the development of this site. I may not be able to update my site for awhile, so see when I see ya. Peace!

9/5/01 - Sorry it took me so long to update my page. I've been a little busy lately. Anyway, I have redone the site just a little bit. Instead of having two copies of the code pages on the site, I have linked directly to the text files. For those of you who visit my research site, sorry I haven't updated it in forever. The project that I am working on for it is taking forever for me to complete, so don't expect an update anytime soon. Also, if anyone would like to see my other programs that I have made with C++, then just email me and I will put them on the site. I won't put them up unless some people want them, because I don't need to take up to much site space, although I do have a total of 50 Megabytes of room here on Tripod. Oh, yeah, I did update both the Gold and Silver Code List and the Crystal Code list. Guess I did accomplish something.

8/25/01 - I've been living under a rock for awhile. Anyway, finally got the new codes typed up and they are going up today. Also, I have some new Gold and Silver codes that will probably go up either today or tomorrow (or next week...). Thank all of you for being so patient. School has started here, and 11th grade homework is a pain. Well, I finally decided what to put here. It is a picture that I created by combining certain parts of other Pokemon to create this one Pokemon. I bet you can figure out which Pokemon I used.